A list of basic Cantonese words and phrases translated into English.

Quick Cantonese Tutorial Pronunciation
a: as in efatherf
ai: as in the eif in efindf
au: as the eouf in eboutf
e: as in eletf
ei: as the eaf in esayf
eu: as eef + the eurf in eurnf
i: as the eeef in eseef
iu: similar to eyouf
o: as in egotf
oi: an in the eoyf in eboyf
oo: as in esoonf
ou: as the rod eowef
u: as in eputf
ue: as in esuef
ui: as eoof + eeef
j: as the edzf in ethudsf
ch: as the etsf in etsarf
ng: as in esingf
Hello, how are you?: nehih ho ma?
Fine: geih ho
Goodbye: baahih baahih/joih gin
Thanks: M goih
Excuse me: M goih
Do you speak English?: Nehih sik m sik gong ying man a?
I donft understand: Ngoh m mihng
Do you have any rooms?: Yahuh mo fong a?
How much per night?: Geih doh chin yat mahahn a?
How much is this?: Ni goh geih doh chin a?
1: yat
2: yih
3: saahm
4: seih
5: ng
6: luhk
7: chat
8: baaht
9: gauh
10: sahp

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