The best and fastest way to learn the language would be to spend some time in a French-speaking country.

You Learn French(2) Take French Lessons
Sign up for a proper class at your local university, an adult education centre or at a language school. If the thought of returning to a classroom setting seems daunting or unsuitable for your schedule, check out the many places online or invest in some tapes or videos.
Whether you are a complete beginner or just wanting to brush up on your school French, committing to some form of educational tool / process will kick start your journey to becoming proficient in the language.
* Obviously, the best and fastest way to learn the language would be to spend some time in a French-speaking country, where you have no choice but to speak, listen, eat and breathe French!
Speak French
This is where a class with other students and a teacher has its advantages as you can practice with each other. Other ways to practice speaking the language can be to find an Alliance Francaise near you, an organization for the promotion of French language and culture , which can be found in over 137 countries around the world. Not only does this establishment offer lessons of all levels, it also sponsors events, and the golden opportunity to meet, mingle and most importantly, speak French with native speakers
( and beginners of course) in a social setting through different interesting activities- from films to wine and cheese parties.
Read French
Reading French can be a lot easier for beginners who are still unfamiliar with the confusing quick-flow of words in the spoken language. Reading French newspapers online, the latest copy of French Vogue or even the childrenfs book, Le Petit Prince then listing down the words you donft understand makes good homework, and will probably give you some personal satisfaction too.
Write in French
The internet has many areas to do this, through forums, message boards, chat rooms and so on. Practice on your own as well (less embarrassing for beginners), or find an old fashioned penpal to correspond with.
Listen to French
Listening to the French language as much as you can is of utmost importance if you want to get your accent right (and not sound like a tourist). Listen to audio language tapes and French music and radio while driving, and stop at the French cable channel and listen awhile. Of course, you could also eavesdrop at one of those cultural nights at the Alliance Francaise.
Watch French
If youfve ever been to France or watched a French film, youfll discover that the French language is not merely about the spoken word, but involves a varying amount of gestures, physical movement and facial expressions. Just think of that slightly-puckered-lip look all those French people have mastered. Watch and learn.
Think French
Try and gthink Frenchh as you go about your day, translate the thoughts in your head, count things in French, write your memo list in French, and try not to annoy the non-French speakers in your household too much.
Be Creative
If you have children, involve them in learning the language, do things together like cook while speaking French, play games and sing songs. The internet has a lot of resources for this sort of thing. Learn 5 words a day, make yourself do a gFrenchh activity every week from eating at a French caf, watching a French film, or going to a French art exhibit. Inspire yourself by involving learning with one of your interests if its fashion, for instance, dress like a Parisienne, if its reading, devour French literature, if its food, enroll in a French cooking class!
Have fun and enjoy yourself!
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